Thailand Travels

Thailand Travels
Elephant Ride in Thailand

Monday, March 7, 2011

Travels of Dee Prom

How do you describe the elephants of Thailand? They are revered by the Thai people and their images appear everywhere. The experience of riding atop one of these magnificent creatures down a jungle path goes beyond adequate description. The mahoot (caregiver of the elephant)works one on one with his particular animal. He even scrubs the elephant in the river before the day's journey begins. A surprising aside the ride involves the mahoot leaping from his perch atop the elephant, jogging down the path to photograph his passengers. There is a 'green' aspect to the elephants that comes with the recycling of their dung. While the mahoot is washing the elephant there are women with large baskets standing downriver of this 'carwash' to gather the remains for future use. Everything from picture frames to writing paper are made use of. Another talent of the elephants that have been trained was their ability to play soccer or paint a picture for the visitors to the reserve.

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