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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Personal Zoo pt.II

     What l would call 'beggar birds' were the pigeons of St. Mark's Square in Venice. Quite at home with the photo-taking tourists, much like the incoming tide, they flood the area looking for an easy meal. I was told that at night, nets are used to capture some of the scavengers in an effort to keep the population down. They are definitely not an endangered species.
     When it comes to birds, Costa Rica boasts of having more species than anywhere else in the world. We witnessed the Oronoco bird working on  its nest high in the trees. The interesting thing about them is that the nests hang from the branches, swaying in the breeze, looking much like purses that have been flung on high.  Heard, but not see up close were the parrots that darted about in the canopy overhead.
     We observed the ravens who are the legendary birds of London's White Tower. There are always six 'on duty' so as the centuries old myth goes, they keep the tower from crumbling to the ground.  With wings clipped by the ravenmaster, they are well fed and not perturbed at all by the stream of visitors to the tower.
     White peacocks and pheasants were seen in the gardens of Isola Madre, an island off the northern coast of Italy. Again, more peacocks along with swans and guinea hens roamed the gardens of Leeds castle in Kent, England. Peacocks seem to be 'the bird of choice' among the landed gentry worldwide.

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