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Thailand Travels
Elephant Ride in Thailand

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Personal Zoo Pt. 6

     At the National Bison Range in Montana we were surrounded by the shaggy critters. And, of course, there was also those humans snapping shots to take home.  They were obviously clueless as to how fast these animals can really move if so motivated. Now that would have been a real picture for the album.
     I'm not sure one can adequately describe the elephants of Thailand. There is nothing quite like sitting atop one as it lumbers down the path ahead. The 'mahoot' or caregiver of his particular elephant scrubs it in the river when they emerge from the jungle each day. To our surprise, our fellow jumped down off the elephant an took off down the path ahead. We wondered who was steering, but as soon as he snapped our picture he was back on board. An elephant related job that I could easily forego was that of the women who stood downstream of the elephant 'carwash' to collect the dung.  Apparently it would be recycled.
     So creatures large and small have entered by life at one time or another. Each one had the ability to educate and amaze. Hopefully my future journeys will afford even more opportunities to add to my 'zoo' list.

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