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Saturday, April 26, 2014


    It could easily be said that the Ocean Beach area of San Diego has “gone to the dogs”, but only in a good way. A thirty- eight acre sandy slice of ”O B” is dedicated to its canine population, namely Dog Beach”. Here dogs roam free, some testing the waters, others keeping their owners busy playing fetch and even more just enjoying a romp in the sand.
    A common sight is seeing their people carrying plastic baggies awaiting their charges “call to nature”. A tally of their numerous breeds enjoying this beach time is mind-boggling. Rear end sniffing is the order of the day.
       I wonder at the sight of a fellow and his twelve leashed Chihuahuas. Is he a designated dog walker or simply someone who likes things “cheaper by the dozen”?
      The streets of Ocean Beach abound with four-legged creatures seen on every corner. Some pull their skateboard masters down the street while others keep pace with their bike-riding pals. In this dog-oriented area there is even a dog wash establishment.  In close proximity is a car wash. I’ve wondered “could the owners join forces, so the pups could benefit with a back rub from those soapy brushes?
      One area not welcoming the canine crew is the Wednesday O B Farmers Market, but is it fair to allow the man with a parrot on his shoulder or the girl walking her leashed pet rabbit access to the market? Smacks of discrimination to me.
      All in all this slice of San Diego remains the highlight of any dog owner’s visit to the area. Oh, by the way, I didn’t see any cats out and about. They must wait until dark to make their appearance.  I guess there is safety in the shadows. All in all this is a great place for a doggone good time.