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Thailand Travels
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My personal zoo-Pt. 4

     Dogs. Yes, they figured in my travels as well.  Underfed, not happy looking ones roamed the streets of Playa de Carmen in Mexico.  One of my fellow travelers had brought dog food along with her on the plane and did her part for the many that naturally followed us down the streets. Other street dogs in Bangkok, Thailand seemed to have an easier lot. These staked out territories on the street awaiting their meal from people who lived in the properties along the way. It seemed the the dogs and the people had an ongoing arrangement.
     The most well-trained and intelligent of the canine kingdom I ever saw was in Ireland. These border collies seemed eager to perform their tasks for their owners. It was amazing to witness that with the wave of a hand or pitched whistle, they could herd the sheep exactly where they were wanted by their master. Years of training went into the preparation for the tasks given. Other dogs that eagerly went about their business were the sled dogs in Alaska. Even in summer weather they happily awaited being hooked up and given full rein to run. One gem of wisdom from the musher was, 'if you're not the lead dog, the view never changes'.

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