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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Motel From Hell

Friday the 13th should have been our first clue as to what lay ahead. Ten hours driving in torrential rain should have sufficed as the prelude to our journey. There were many clues that awaited us as we arrived at our motel. It was late, and although our approach to our lodgings were less than auspicious we failed to heed the signs. Letters missing from the sign out front, crumbling steps leading up to the rooms and a note sending us down the road to a restaurant for our check in. Sustenance became our first priority, so we took time to partake of some reasonably good food.
Returing to our motel, we at first could not believe what awaited when we opened the door. Sparse came to mind. O.K. we were going to be 'out and about' for the next two days, so that we could handle. But what we could not handle was the total lack of cleanliness. The bathroom was dirty, a large bug (found out to be a bee) had taken up residence, there were footprints in the bathtub. No electrical outlet in the room,the only option was to unplug the television in the bedroom. By this time darkness was falling and we discovered no lighting outside the motel. What was discovered was the only other patron sitting on the front porch trying to get cell phone service, in her underwear. There was none of course and no phone in the room. This place was beginning to feel more like the 'Bates Motel' by the moment. We had noticed an A frame chalet that was directly behind the motel up a disused footpath. Two eerily shining lights  were all that could be seen. Now we were bringing to mind 'Freddy Kruger'.
Turning down the bed linens led to the disgusting fact that the sheets had not been changed. Someone shared the bed first. Off came the bedspread, blanket and sheets. Turning over the bottom sheet, we failed to notice the fecal material. A blanket from the car sufficed as a covering. The only thing missing was the presence of bed bugs. Guess they knew better! Lucky us! It was too late to search out another place to stay so a restless night ensued. Because of our uneasy feeling a suitcase was jammed under the double locked door.
Morning arrived none too soon. A trip back to the restaurant (sheet in tow), we hoped to meet with our errant innkeeper, but of course that was not possible. Besides, wine awaited us. Who should we find at our first wine tour stop but the man himself. He readily agreed to refund the second night's stay and didn't want the sheet we'd brought with us. "Poor cleaning help" was the only explanation he made. He was happy to see us on our way and not looking for the nearest lawyer. If Keuka Lake is ever on your tour destination, be warned, the Keuka Lake Motel is one to totally avoid.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Musings

     My mother was a person of many adjectives: proud, creative, secretive, generous, a good cook and much much more. She loved arranging flowers, did canning and enjoyed being in the kitchen. She was generous to others but sometimes didn't let her generosity go unnoticed. Her pride got in the way of making peace with one son while favoring the other. She loved to paint (artistically). I remember her sewing much of my wardrobe. Knitted throws still used today and the legacy of her organ playing remain.
     I never understood was she was so opposed to my finding out about my birth mother. She saw herself as a 'peacemaker' between her feuding sisters (seven in all), but actually did take sides on issues. The favoritism of one son over the other lasted a lifetime and resulted in the two never really making peace with one another. She never really got along with my father's family. And of course, she loved to talk.
     It's said that you learn what to do and also what not to do from your parents. Hopefully there are lessons learned by remembering that woman in your life on this the weekend of Mother's Day. Love you Mother (she never wanted to be called 'Mom').