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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Musings

     My mother was a person of many adjectives: proud, creative, secretive, generous, a good cook and much much more. She loved arranging flowers, did canning and enjoyed being in the kitchen. She was generous to others but sometimes didn't let her generosity go unnoticed. Her pride got in the way of making peace with one son while favoring the other. She loved to paint (artistically). I remember her sewing much of my wardrobe. Knitted throws still used today and the legacy of her organ playing remain.
     I never understood was she was so opposed to my finding out about my birth mother. She saw herself as a 'peacemaker' between her feuding sisters (seven in all), but actually did take sides on issues. The favoritism of one son over the other lasted a lifetime and resulted in the two never really making peace with one another. She never really got along with my father's family. And of course, she loved to talk.
     It's said that you learn what to do and also what not to do from your parents. Hopefully there are lessons learned by remembering that woman in your life on this the weekend of Mother's Day. Love you Mother (she never wanted to be called 'Mom').

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