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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Visit To Elmwood Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit is one of the most historic venues around. Begun in 1846 it was the first fully integrated cemetery in the Midwest. The grounds were designed by Fredrick Law Olmsted (the designer of Central Park, New York City).
Brought to mind are some thoughts on a walk through this grand area.

The wind sighs through the trees that filter out the rain-washed sky.
White sandstone lambs are encrusted with shades of green and gray moss.
Time and the elements have erased the identity of some here.
One gravestone bears the signature of the interred.
In another place, a note is left. Respect leaves it unread.
A cross fashioned from crossed twigs is another remembrance seen. Not as fancy as the flowers and wreaths, but meaningful to someone.
The words 'sunrise and sunset' appear next to the dates inscribed on yet another place.

One epitatph reads "the Lord watches between me and thee when we are absent from one another".

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