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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I remember hopscotch blocks drawn in wavy lines on the sidewalk, easily skipped by me.
Where did I put my car keys?
I remember a squinchy feeling in my gut as the ferris wheel bumped to a stop at the top.
Did I take my pills this morning?
I remember secret hiding spots for treasures found on beach walks when I was eight.
Where is that early birthday present I bought for my grandchild?
I remember at five years old how awful I felt to wait forever for Christmas morning.
Did I mail that check to the doctor?
I remember sharing secrets with my very best friend as we slowly strolled home from school.
Where did I leave my glasses?
I remember a special birthday when led blindfolded, to find a puppy waiting in the garage.
Did I put two teaspoons of vanilla in the cookie recipe?
I remember how proud I was of the special handmade picture I gave my dad on father's day.
Where did I park my car at the mall?
I remember how good I felt being all dressed up and ready to go out on my first boy/girl party.
Did I return the call on my answering machine?
I remember the very first dance recital, seeing the smiles of my proud parents in the first row.
Where did that book I was reading get to?
I remember places and faces and things that meant a lot to me from some days worth remembering.

Maybe the things I don't remember aren't so important after all!

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